Parvarrish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 3rd December 2012 Written Update

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Parvarrish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 3rd December 2012 Written Update by cool127

At first it starts at ahuja house where pinky is singing her sa,re,ga,ma sur with some song i dont know rite after. the teacher says pinkyi i think tht u have really practiced a lot. pinky replies did you like it? he says of course keep practicing like this. The teacher is really impressed with her improvement. he says only you can learn music if you practice. i am really happy. when a student does a good job, the happiest is the teacher. jashoda enters and pinky tries to say something but jashoda keeps interuppting her talking abt some vegetable seller tht tried to ask her for more money.. Pinky gets quite annoyed and calls jeet who is busy with some office members in his cabin. pinky says how my teacher was happy when i sang some yaman rag i think.. jeet is like i will talk to you later i am in an important meeting and cuts the call. Pinky gets sad. its evening time.

All kids are studing when pinky starts her lecture about music and raag. raavi says i have science project if i don’t finish my marks will be cut. raavi leaves the room. pinky says to rashi show me your book. she says how come you dont have any very goods. how teacher gets happy when student performs well. pinky says u wanna listen. rashi says i dont abt good tommo but i will definetly get punishment. rashi says i will listen to it after. and leaves too. pinky says sunnybaba, he too gets up and leaves quickly pinky feels bad. just then jeet enters and says good evening jaan. pinky says tht time we couldnt talk bcs u were in meeting. wont u ask howz ur classes. Jeet says should i take shower first. pinky says i will turn on gizer or something till then i will talk. jeet is like no i will take shower with cold water.

sweety’s house.
rocky when going to sleep says gngm sweety is like huh? he says good night gorgeous mom, nice hair. sweety is like good night. ginny is like good night and abt to hug when sweety is like not like this my hair will ruin. like this then kisses both of her cheeks. lucky says i am going bye good night. sweety is like good night. lucky is like i am going downstairs on sofa sweety is like okay good night. lucky is like its 11. sweety is like okay good night. sweety’s phone rings its papaji she is abt to say namaste but papaji says dont say it. she says huh guddu? lucky turns around shocked. papjij and sweety continue the drama. sweety says haha, how can i forget you. they make lucky jealous. sweety says wait let me say good night to lucky then i will go to my room and we will talk later. lucky is shocked.
sweety goes in her room and talks to herself but she knows lucky is outside. sweety is like how sweet you can comign to see me. ofcourse i will come to meet you. lucky is shocked.. its soo funyy face. .. lucky knocks and says my mobile is in room. sweety is like no its downstairs. lucky asks abt guddu sweety is like it is a college friend. lucky calls papaji and inquires about guddu. he makes a story saying that guddu wanted to marry sweety but he rejected. lucky gets really worried.. .

its 8:30 am in morning lucky still looks worried sweety comes out all dressed up and sweety asks for another foreigner car. lucky says i wil drop u off where u want to be dropped off. sweety is like i have to around the so much first i have to go to parlour etc. etc. jst then some knocks the door and says guddu? its a car washer he says yes guddu. lucky thinks its the other guddu. then he is like i want money for car wash. sweety is like lucky will give it i am going bye..

lucky thinks maybe he has gained to much weight and asks kids about it. they say tht yah u did and you should diet and excercise. he again calls papaji and asks few more questions.

precap: he is askign sweetyji what kind of new phone she wants. she says once guddu comes i will tell you. jst then she pretends as guddu came and says aww this is jst someone phone. lucky is like do i look like someone??

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